The One Minute Presenter e-book

Successful Business Presentations in a Short Attention Span World

The reference guide for presenting to a new generation of audiences with shorter attention spans.

IF CAREER SUCCESS is important to you, then apply this global rule: your technical skills – no matter how good they are – will only take you so far in an organization. Your ability to rise into leadership positions will be directly related to how well you manage, motivate, inspire and collaborate with the people around you. Your communication skills are the altimeter of how high your career will fly.

In The One Minute Presenter Warwick John Fahy shows you how to develop bulletproof presenting skills. With eight practical and comprehensive steps, you will learn how to deliver effective messages at the board level and also lead your short attention-span net-generation team. Use The One Minute Presenter as a refresher course on what it takes to get your message across in a world of information overload.

The One Minute Presenter is an essential reference for any business presenter. You can easily apply the practical tips packed in every chapter and see the great impact they have on your audience. Three learning tracks help you through the steps at your own pace. Start the journey to better presenting today.

Written for a new generation of tech savvy audiences, The One Minute Presenter gives even seasoned presenters insights into connecting with today's easily distracted audiences. Learn how to engage people preoccupied with multitasking. Avoid the “low attention span” traps in your presentations.
Your career is a journey of presentations and The One Minute Presenter is the roadmap. Travel through all eight steps and you will never view presenting in the same light.
Praised around the world as a fresh light on business presenting The One Minute Presenter is a must-read for every manager who needs to influence clients, team members, bosses and shareholders.

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THE ONE MINUTE PRESENTER: 8 steps to successful business presentations in a short attention span world

An easy to read guide to successful business presentations, The One Minute Presenter is praised by industry experts as a road map for business professionals to be influential with today's distracted audiences.
The One Minute Presenter is an 8-step system packed with powerful tips and proven techniques needed to deliver successful business presentations. You will learn how to:
Conquer your nerves: Transform your fears into confidence.
Improve quickly: Accelerate your progress with three learning tracks.
Handle every question: Enhance your credibility in hostile Q&A sessions.
Stand out from the crowd: Become known as an expert in your field.
Keep their attention: Engage with diverse and demanding audiences.
Speak with clarity: Produce clear, concise and compelling messages.
Stay on track: Overcome the most frequent presentation interruptions.

“The One Minute Presenter helps you overcome some of the biggest obstacles people face on their way to top. Buy it - read it - profit from it.”
W Mitchell, CPAE, President, International Federation for Professional Speakers.

"Warwick John Fahy is an incredible communicator. This book proves it! Every business presenter should not just read it, but internalize it!"
Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking.

A Toastmasters International Hall of Fame honoree, and pioneering chairman for Toastmasters in China, Warwick John Fahy is founder of the Professional Speakers Association of China. Warwick is Asia's leading business presentation coach for senior executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs who need to influence their clients, investors, board and team members.

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